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We purchase raw and rendered Used Cooking Oil (UCO) for processing into Biofuels. We offer the best prices in the industry and are willing to go the extra mile to win your business!

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Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with you that is a win/win. Our prices fluctuate with the market so you can always be guaranteed the best price based on the current market. Call us and let us quote you a price today!


Whether you have RAW or RENDERED Used Cooking Oil (UCO), we can help you. For RAW UCO material, our specifications are 30% MIU/15% FFA or less at competitive market rates. We may be able to buy materials outside this range, if needed please call to discuss your special need. For RENDERED UCO material, our specifications are 2% MIU/15% FFA of less at competitive market rates. Have something special? Call us anytime to discuss.


Our Used Cooking Oil (UCO) refining plant can handle Truck and Railcar deliveries. Theses deliveries can be large or small. To handle your Used Cooking Oil, we have an on-site scale to properly weigh the material. Let us know your logistical needs and we will try and help you in every way.

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